I took this in a touristy little coastal town called Bodrum in Turkey. I didn’t think much of it at the time but found it incredibly interesting later. It’s not a statement of any kind, I just feel that the unusual composition, color and reflections in the picture set it apart.
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With 3/5ths of the band. A Skylit Drive. They’re such friendly guys. I mean, just look at those smiles!
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My sleepy baby and I at the show last night. We had a fantastic time.
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Sky burial or ritual dissection was once a common funerary practice in Tibet, wherein a human corpse is cut in specific locations and placed on a mountaintop, exposing it to the elements or the mahabhuta and animals – especially to birds of prey. The location of the sky burial preparation and place of execution are understood in the Vajrayana traditions as charnel grounds.
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This was a wonderful Valentine’s weekend with my wife.

On Friday we bought a pet bed for our evil little she-wolf, prepared a delicious cheese and fruit platter, and shared some of the best quality time ever since getting a pet. Our dog stayed in her new bed while we sipped wine in the glow of…

Pouncing you immediately after this post. I love you tremendously, my darling husband. Thank you for your time, effort, and care. You are truly like no other.


Fei Fei Sun by Josh Olins in “Black & White" Vogue China November 2011
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